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    Industry Practice Program

Tentative Program: Industry Practice Day

The industrial practice program consists of two parts: Industry presentations and Industry Relevant Panels.

Industry Presentations: We seek submissions of one page abstract by authors in the software industry on topics in technology, tools and practice related to software testing, reliability, safety, security, availability, and dependability. Typically this will contain:

  • A problem definition and its importance to the organization
  • Any potential solution tried to address the problem
  • Analysis of the results of applying the solution to the problem

The abstracts will be reviewed by the Industry Practice review committee and the selected authors will have a chance to present a talk (20 to 30 minutes) at the ISSRE 2002 conference . There is no need to write a paper and the authors only need to submit a presentation (PDF format) for publication in the conference proceedings.

Industry Relevant Panels: We seek submissions of proposals for panels that will be interesting to the industry and academic participants alike on topics relevant to today's fast moving software industry. Some examples of the topics are: Reliability implications of Extreme Progamming, Internet security, Testing and Reliability of Network based Software Services, etc. The proposal must contain:

  • Name and address of the author of the proposal
  • Title of the panel and an explanation of the relevant area
  • Names of participants (with one moderator) and their qualifications
  • Key five questions that will be addressed by the panel

The proposals will be reviewed by the Industry Practice review committee and the selected panels will have 60 to 90 minutes at the ISSRE 2002 conference. The panelists need to submit a page (PDF format) for publication in the conference proceedings.

Watch this page for submissions to the industry program. For further information, please contact:

Past the submission deadline

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