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    ISSRE 2002: An Introduction

ISSRE started as a small group of people working on software reliability engineering theory and practice sharing their ideas. Over the years, the conference has grown steadily attracting about 150-200 participants on a regular basis. The conference is big enough to represent all the key topics in software reliability engineering, but small enough to provide an in-depth representation of theory or practice in these areas. Over the years, industry participation has steadily grown, leading to a healthy mixture of theory and practice, as evidenced by the conference programs. For an overview of software reliability engineering, please consult,

"Handbook of Software Reliability Engineering",
Michael R. Lyu, Editor
IEEE Computer Society Press
ISBN 0-07-039400-8

or Overview of Software Reliability Engineering (SRE).

The following lists the previous ISSRE conferences with a link to the program where available.
  1. 1990 Washington, DC, USA
  2. 1991 Austin, TX, USA
  3. 1992 Research Triangle Park, NC, USA
  4. 1993 Denver, CO, USA
  5. 1994 Monterey, CA, USA
  6. 1995 Toulouse, France
  7. 1996 White Plains, NY, USA
  8. 1997 Albuquerque, NM, USA: Regular Proceedings, Case Studies
  9. 1998 Paderborn, Germany
  10. 1999 Boca Raton, FL, USA [ Proceedings ]
  11. 2000 San Jose, CA, USA [ Proceedings ]
  12. 2001 Hong Kong

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